This doesn’t make our new Ohio setback of 1250 feet from a property line look too bad anymore, does it?  What if this happened in a dry field? What if this happened at a school, where our state setbacks are not mandated?  The first sentence of this article is laughable, because as BigWind is forced onto our communities, these incidents will no longer be as rare…

(Ireland) However, it is believed to be an isolated incident as this make of turbine ‘rarely malfunctions.’

A FLAMING WIND turbine blade almost sparked a forest fire in Cork after it was thrown several metres from the machine….

A flaming 28-metre-long blade from one of the turbines flew as far as 100 metres away from the machine and landed close to nearby gorse and forestry….

A spokesperson for Bantry Fire Station told their main aim was to contain this fire, to ensure it didn’t spread to forest and gorse. The turbine was completely destroyed.

They said it took ‘a couple of hours’ to bring the blaze under control due to dry conditions caused by a spell of good weather.

Similar incidents, known as “blade throws”, can often occur during very high wind speeds….

via This wind turbine caught fire and threw a flaming blade dozens of metres.