Illinois farmers object to BigWind

We have, recently, blogged about multiple anti-wind groups formed in our neighboring states, Indiana and Illinois.  Here, we see Illinois’ cry for help against BigWind entering their communities. This wind energy transmission line will be approximately 500 miles long, with 5 support structures per mile (150 feet high). This expensive energy, that has been given oodles of tax incentives, will be trasmitted to the Midwest, probably, including Ohio – if electric companies choose to purchase their energy. Is their expensive wind energy cheaper than Ohio’s? Looking at the national wind energy resource map, it probably is because they have greater wind resources.  We sympathize with our neighbors in this fight.  This is 1 example of why our Senate Bill 310 was so essential, however; Ohio should not be forced to generate x% of renewable energy here, within our borders, when wind resources are greater and more cost effective elsewhere. Forcing any state to purchase this intermittent, expensive, subsidized energy, however, is the biggest tragedy….

Vocal, vehement opposition from local farmers and landowners has put a $300 million Grundy County project on hold…

Local landowners have expressed outrage at what they are calling “eminent domain.”

“It will slice right down the middle of some of the best farmland in Grundy, just north of where you sit,” said local farmer Henry Babson, who addressed the Grundy County Board on Tuesday night. “I can promise you I would still be opposed to this project, even if our farm was not its potential path, because it’s wrong for Morris, Grundy County and its residents.”…

via Farmers object wind energy project to County Board | Wind Energy News.