The most pathetic wind turbine on the planet…

It really doesn’t matter ‘where’ you site BigWind, their results are always the same – poor, but this one takes the cake! Thanks to Ohio Governor Kasich, Senate Bill 301 lets us take a break from their mandates. Remember, we have blogged about their production in the past. BigWind does NOT belong in our state. Ohio turbines only produce approximately 30% of the energy that they are capable of actually producing…oops, let me correct that. They rarely produce more than 30% ANWHERE in the USA!…

A £50,000 taxpayer-funded wind turbine is to be scrapped after it was revealed that it produced just £5 of electricity a month, according to the Daily Mail. The turbine was installed outside a Welsh government office despite warnings from Civil Servants that it was being installed in an area that was too sheltered to get any wind.

Based on the current power output, it would take 757 years for the turbine to pay for itself, as it generates just 33 kilowatts of energy a month, equivalent to £5.28 worth of electricity….

News of problems with the Welsh turbine will add to growing concerns about wind farms that are costing significant amounts of money but produce very little energy. There is also growing evidence that they are dangerous. 

Last month Breitbart London reported that a new wind farm had been linked to the premature births of over 1,600 mink at a fur farm in Denmark. It is not clear how the wind farm caused the problem, but it has led to significant harm to the animals concerned.

Wind turbines have also been linked to a variety of symptoms in humans, including insomnia, nausea and headaches, although the government remains reluctant to investigate.

via Taxpayer Funded Wind Turbine Scrapped After It Produced Just £5 Of Electricity.