Will the freeloading end for BigWind in Texas?

Transmission lines are and extremely expensive cost to this energy that few usually consider.  It is part of the reason that wind energy is MORE expensive than you have probably been told.  Texas is a prime example of this and it should also highlight the ridiculous notion that we should plant wind turbines in the ocean. If Texas can’t afford transmission lines for their own state, how can our country support them off our coasts? 

Texas has more wind power generation than any other state, so it’s only fitting that Texas regulators are starting to ask some tough questions about wind power subsidies. The head of the state’s Public Utility Commission, Donna Nelson, is calling for a study to consider whether wind generators should start paying their share of transmission costs.

Texas already invested $7 billion in high-capacity power lines that the state built to connect West Texas wind farms with the more populous cities in the east — such as Dallas and Houston. But wind power, as an intermittent resource, can create additional transmission costs, and those costs are borne by all the electricity customers in the deregulated market, which is about 85 percent of the state…

In fact, Texas may actually have a greater supply of wind energy than the new transmission lines can handle, so it may be the perfect time to consider a little pruning. Already, other alternative energy supplies, such as solar power generators, have had difficulty accessing the publicly financed lines

As a result, consumers in Texas are getting something of a double-whammy from wind. They pay the cost of maintaining the system in their bills, while paying part of their taxes to subsidize the construction of the additional lines to the wind farms….

via Is Texas Souring On Wind Power?