Ohio governor Kasich defends record on green issues

It was gratifying to read that while Governor Kasich is out and about during this campaign season, he is defending the new property line setbacks which will become effective September 14th.  The Columbus Dispatch reports the Governor “defended the increased setback restrictions on wind turbines by saying, “Private property rights are important. People choose to live somewhere. You just don’t go in there and disrupt their life.” The Dispatch goes on to note that “Energy has emerged as a key difference between Kasich and Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald.”  Remember, we have blogged, before, about this setback still being weaker than many other places, worldwide!

Defense of safe setbacks that respect property lines comes at a time when fire hazards are being studied.  The Financial Times reports that “Wind farms have long been blamed for blighting views and killing birds but now it is claimed they are also a bigger fire hazard than commonly thought. About one wind turbine fire a month is reported publicly around the world but that is “just the tip of the iceberg”, according to Guillermo Rein of London’s Imperial College, co-author of research estimating that the actual number of blazes could be 10 times higher.”…“The results surprised us a lot,” Mr. Rein said, explaining that he and colleagues found information about the extent of turbine fires was often incomplete or not publicly available.”   During the Buckeye Wind Phase II case, the Ohio Power Siting Board sided with Everpower’s attorneys when they  objected to UNU’s efforts to enter accident and fire information into the case record. We still call for this board to be renamed SYBW Say YES to BigWind! as they have never rejected a wind application…. 

BELLVILLE, Ohio — Despite the fire he took for at least temporarily halting Ohio’s standards on renewable energy and for adding restrictions to wind energy, Gov. John Kasich says he is as committed to “green” energy as ever.

He said yesterday that he had fended off even more draconian energy proposals from his fellow Republicans in the legislature, including a veto threat. That was before they passed Senate Bill 310, a two-year freeze on annual increases in standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and new setback restrictions on wind turbines contained in a separate budget bill….

via Kasich defends record on green issues | The Columbus Dispatch.