BigWind protesters have finally arrived in the USA

It has finally arrived on our shores! BigWind protests have been occurring for YEARS oversees, where wind turbines are more prevalent.  Now that the $ is drying up across the ocean (as electricity rates skyrocket), we are seeing more developers here, after our plentiful taxdollar handouts. It was only a matter of time before the protests began.  A group of Ohioans protested last fall in Columbus, and now we read about Vermont.  Note that the family, below, suffering from the adverse effects of turbines – live 1/4 mile away from the turbines!!! This doesn’t make our little 1250feet property line setback in Ohio look too bad, now, does it?!?….

MONTPELIER — A group of protesters who believe noise from industrial wind turbines is damaging to human health brought their message to the capital Tuesday.The group made their stance against wind projects in Vermont loud and clear with signs, songs and testimony from one family, the Therriens of Sheffield, about what it’s like to live near the towering turbines….

Most of those protesting on the street outside the PSB workshop, a demonstration for which they had obtained a permit, according to Kathleen Nelson of Brighton, were from towns in the Northeast Kingdom area that is home to two industrial wind projects in Lowell and in Sheffield…

But many of the residents of those towns are continuing to join their neighbors who say they are suffering the effects of living near the industrial wind turbines, including Luann and Steve Therrien, of Sheffield, and their two pre-school-aged children. The couple has been pleading for help from the state, the town’s Select Board and First Wind of Boston, the company that owns and operates that wind project, for several years, to no avail….

via Protesters speak out against wind turbines  : Times Argus Online.