BigWind turbines getting BIGGER for low wind regions

Whoa, how big is the turbine mentioned below? The rotor, alone is 113 meters (37 FEET)in width! Additionally, their goal for this turbine is to place is it ‘low wind regions’ and ‘close to population centers’.  Areas with wind turbine ordinances that are very small, such as 1.1x height, will regret such language. All over the country, communities are revising (or attempting to revise) ordinances to include greater setbacks from these industrial monsters, but have they predicted this? Ohio’s setback of 1250 feet from a property line might not be enough, as these machines continue to grow and take over America’s countryside….

AMSC Nasdaq:AMSC, a global solutions provider serving the wind and power grid industry, announced the availability of its newest wind turbine design. The 2 megawatt MW wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 113 meters and a swept area of 10,039 square meters, making it an ideal wind turbine for low wind speed regions. Additionally, AMSC also announced today that it has successfully completed the A-Design Assessment according to the latest GL2010 onshore guideline for its 2 MW wind turbine design with 93 meter and 100 meter rotor….

Low wind speed turbines are expected to open up new markets in regions that are already saturated with wind farms, such as southern Germany and parts of the United States and emerging markets such as the Middle East and Africa. India has a large number of sites with low-wind resources. Additionally, turbines designed for low wind speed can also be ideally located close to population centers..

via AMSC Announces New 2 Megawatt Wind Turbine Designed for Low-Wind Speed.