Does BigWind ‘really’ pay you ‘hush’ money?

It certainly looks as though the answer is YES! We first wrote about this in the NW Ohio area, and the Iberdrola rep then offered, virtually, the same quote as below. Iberdrola denies the existence of hush money, but even the 1st comment below the article refers to it. More importantly, however, notice how long this issue has not seen resolution. This noise problems are beyond 2 years old! Wind energy ordinances with noise limits are worthless if you can’t enforce them.  Take note and do not allow it to occur near you….

Studies done earlier this year show noise levels coming from wind turbines at the Hoosac Wind Project in northwestern Massachusetts were out of compliance with state regulations. People living in the area have complained of adverse health impacts since the turbines began spinning in 2012.

Nineteen turbines each with the ability to produce 1.5 megawatts of energy comprise the Hoosac Wind Project in the towns of Monroe and Florida. Following noise complaints in early 2013, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection required Iberdrola Renewables, the owner of the turbines, to conduct noise studies. Ed Coletta is a spokesman with DEP….

Fairneny is one of a group of residents and activist organizations who have complained of headaches, dizziness and loss of sleep resulting from increased noise and infra or low-frequency sound. Fairneny says he is feeling defeated at the lack of action to ensure the safety of the roughly 30 homeowners and neighbors to the wind turbines. He says he’s denied payment from Iberdrola in exchange for not talking about the ill effects. The company did not make a representative available for this report, butspeaking with WAMC News in 2013 spokesman Paul Copleman addressed the topic.

“Our lease language with landowners in Massachusetts and with dozens of other projects across the country has no such language,” Copleman said. “We encourage all of our landowners at our projects to communicate with us and with others, including outside parties, if they have any concerns about the project operation.”

Fairneny also says residents have been offered a “good neighbor” agreement to keep quiet.

“I know I never considered wanting to move, but at this point it’s definitely been in the topic of conversation,” said Fairneny….

via Report Finds Hoosac Turbines Out of Compliance | WAMC.