Ohio county struggling to kick BigWind out

Isn’t it sad when the county prosecutors are struggling to kick a business out? Additionally, note the last sentence below. The media frequently misuses WOULD and COULD with this industry.  The reality is that Ohio has never seen a  yearly capacity factor exceed even 30% at an industrial wind site. In real terms, this means the 50,000 number is wrong and should be replaced by 13,000. Even then, because the wind is intermittent, those homes would go withOUT power many hours throughout the day. The media frequently MISuses WOULD and COULD with this industry. BigWind has a worldclass PR strategy in place- control the media and you control minds of the UNinformed….

Champaign County prosecutors are opposing a request from Everpower Renewables, a company that is seeking an extension to begin construction on the first phase of the Buckeye Wind Project.

Everpower had sought an extension to begin construction on the wind farm until May 28, 2018, citing ongoing legal fights that have stalled the project. But county prosecutors argued Friday that the Ohio Power Siting Board should reject the request, both because the company has already had an opportunity to request an extension and because it is separate from a second phase that the company also wants to build.

The OPSB approved the first phase of the project in March 2010, and the certificate expires in March 2015. If the certificate expires, Everpower would have to start the lengthy certification process from the beginning.

Combined, both phases of the project would build about 100 turbines across Champaign County.  It would provide enough electricity to power as many as 50,000 homes per year…..

via Buckeye Wind Project | Springfield, OH News | www.springfieldnewssun.com.