Offshore BigWind becomes pinball game for ships

We knew that birds were sliced-n-diced by BigWind, but never considered the risks to ships. Industrial wind sites in the ocean could become a pinball game for ships to avoid.  This concern, as the USA is considering a massive wind site outside of the Outerbanks, North Carolina…What happens to the ocean water when the turbine gearboxes begin to leak oil? Each large turbine has more than 200 gallons of oil at the top in their nacelle….

A SHIP is leaking diesel after crashing into a wind turbine off the coast of Morecambe Bay.

Liverpool Coastguard has been in attendance since just after 9am this morning co-ordinating the recovery of the stricken which collided with part of a turbine at Walney Wind Farm.

OMS Pollux has since been leaking marine gas oil, or diesel.

The Danish-registered vessel, with a crew of around 18 on board, remains afloat and there are no reported injuries.

The coastguard revealed that since hitting the turbine pile it has managed to move under its own power to a location north of the port of Liverpool, taking it away from environmentally sensitive areas…

via Ship leaking oil after colliding with Morecambe Bay wind turbine From The Westmorland Gazette.