Germany’s ‘Green’ policy has made households ‘Red’ with rage

We have highlighted Germany’s example many times before. They desire to end fossil fuels and rely on renewable energy, but, at what expense to the people who live there? As you read the article, you realize their ambitious goals are NOT working.  Elecricity rates average $ 0.36 / kWh in Germany and we pay $0.08 – $0.17 in the USA.  Are you willing to see your electricity rates TRIPLE ? For heaven’s sake, they aren’t even achieving any statistically significant success in their ‘green’ endeavor!  This is a disaster and we should learn from it. Thank you Governor Kasich and the Ohio legislature for recognizing the need to ‘pause’ our renewable portfolio standard with Senate Bill 310…

Germanys flagship green energy policy is in tatters, according to a new report by the consultancy firm McKinsey which says many of its goals are “no longer realistic”.

Angela Merkel was hailed as the Klimakanzlerin, or Climate Chancellor in 2010 when her government placed Germany at the forefront of the battle against climate change and announced ambitious plans to move to renewable energy sources….

The expensive switchover has also left Germans with some of the highest energy bills in Europe. Household electricity prices are 46 per cent above the European average and rising, according to McKinsey.

via Germanys flagship green energy policy in tatters – Telegraph.