How many homes will BigWind ‘actually’ power in Ohio?

Their propaganda machine is incredible. It is a complete lie/falsehood/shame that BigWind can continue to say that they ‘could power up to 600 homes a year’ when reality is nowhere near that number.  The stats are in and Ohio has a poor record. Our turbines produce only approximately 30% of their capacity annually. Maybe you don’t see the big deal? Natural gas, coal, hydro and nuclear all have capacity factors almost 3x this amount. Shouldn’t we be spending our money on efficient energy sources? Shouldn’t we get the most bang for our taxpayer buck?

In fact, the EIA, says that Texas has the best stats in the USA and they are still below 40%!  So, theoretically, the Logan county number ‘could’ be 200 homes – BUT- that energy is not consistent and stable. The wind fluctuates every second, up and down, like a polygraph test or a heart monitor. The wind is often below where we actually need it to be in order to keep our lights on and so it must be backed up, in the fraction of a second by a fossil fuel like coal and natural gas. More BigWind will mean we need MORE natural gas, coal and nuclear. See the post from earlier today about what Germany is now experiencing with BigWind…Their electricity rates are TRIPLE ours with negligible carbon dioxide emission changes…

The wind farm controversy is blowing up again in Logan County.

Signs are posted all over parts of Russells Point by those opposed to the wind farms being proposed.

The plan apparently calls for 176 wind turbines in Logan and Hardin counties by the year 2015. Those turbines could power up to 600 homes a year….

via Residents Post Signs Against Proposed Wind Turbine Farms in Logan County – WKEF-TV ABC 22 News :: News – Top Stories.