Kentucky moving BigWind 1 MILE from Property Lines

A Kentucky county moves toward a 1 MILE setback for wind turbines from PROPERTY LINES. Once again, it makes our new Ohio setback of approximately 1250 feet look mighty small.  Kentucky has awoken to the realities of living near these industrial sites and we thank our legislators for trying to protect our citizens with passage of Ohio Senate Bill 310….

The first step has been taken by county officials to ban industrial wind turbines from Mason County.

After months of discussion and listening to concerned citizens, Wind Energy Ordinance 14-09 had its first reading Tuesday during Mason County Fiscal Court…

The recommendations were the culmination of months of discussion, public meetings and a trip to an Indiana wind farm by JPC board members…

Restrictions on large industrial wind turbines include: turbines can only be located in areas of the county zoned rural industrial (I3); one mile set back distances without any waivers whatsoever, from the following: property lines, public roads and right-of-ways, community zones, incorporated cities/towns, platted subdivisions, public or semi-public structures such as schools and/or churches, historical landmarks, cell towers, electric transmission lines, railroads, and to strictly follow any regulations as set out by the Kentucky Airport Zoning Commission; noise restrictions not to exceed 30 dB(A) scale at any non-participating property line and less than 50 dB(C) scale….

via Wind energy ordinance moves forward.