Can Paulding county, Ohio wind site replace coal?

How unfortunate that the media continues to spread such information, without verifying accuracy.  The USA has 300 MW of installed coal capacity.  Wind energy has a very LOW power density (1 watt/sq meter), meaning that it produces very little energy per fuel and land requirements, compared to traditional power producers. In other words, in order to replace our current coal capacity, we would need 300,000 SQUARE KILOMETERS of wind turbines (Rt. Bryce). This equates to the amount of land in the entire country of Italy. ADDITIONALLY, these turbines would need to run at full capacity 24 hours/7 days/week. Is that even possible? Not in Ohio or really anywhere on our planet. Ohio’s capacity factors average below 30%, which means our turbines produce less than 30% of the electricity that they originally advertised to the public. And, as they age (near 5-7 year mark), these #s will drop until they finally become useless, somewhere in the 10-15 year range.  What a waste of tax dollars and Ohio land…..

Two proposed wind farms in Paulding County have not been built because the company proposing them is unable to enter into a long-term agreement to support their financing. But with upcoming coal plant retirements, that could change, attorneys for a subsidiary of EDP Renewables told the Ohio Power Siting Board….

“Although market forces have hindered the project’s development, the electric generation market has experienced other changes recently (several coal plants are expected to retire in the near term), and generation capacity is anticipated to be needed for Ohio and the region,” an attorney for the company told regulators….

via EDP Renewables seeks extensions for Paulding County wind farm construction – Columbus – Columbus Business First.