How many farmers can afford this $6.7M lawsuit b/c of BigWind?

In Ohio, our farmers will utilize planes to dust crops to kill bugs. Thanks to BigWind, our natural bug eaters (BATS) are being killed at an amazing pace.  As a result, it will become more common that we need to utilize planes to combat pests. It will be interesting to see what BigWind will do to prevent this from occurring again. What can our farmers do, though, to prevent this? Don’t allow BigWind to step foot on your farm.  See our ‘farming’ tab on our home page for other farming problems…

When Steve Allen, a highly respected Northern California ag pilot with 26,000 accident free hours, crashed his Rockwell S-2R into a whisper-thin, barely visible galvanized steel wind observation tower on January 11, 2011, a dark and sickening secret about personal greed and avarice was exposed for all the world to see.

The $6.7 million wrongful death settlement the aviators family was awarded this month will hopefully help ensure other similar tragedies wont happen in the future.

The tower, measuring just inches under 200 feet, was hastily erected in 2009 by wind energy interests “prospecting” for the perfect site for a new wind farm in Contra Costa County east of San Francisco. The odd height of the tower is central to the case — any tower under 200 feet doesnt need to be lighted or reported to the FAA. But because these towers can pop up almost anywhere and are nearly impossible to see in flight, they pose a special danger to aerial application aircraft…

via Ag Plane Crash Leads to $6.7 Million Wrongful Death Verdict | Flying Magazine.