Deer and their hunters don’t like Industrial Wind Turbines

As hunting season begins, some hunters will have to work harder to find their trophies this year. Sources listed at the bottom of the letter at the web address….

Wind developers show photos of deer under turbines to prove turbines don’t harm hunting. The truth is more complicated.

Deer leave during phases of turbine construction, which can last 10 years or more. Sometimes they return. If, for example, turbines are on farmland next to desert. That’s where those photos come from.Deer don’t come back if the habitat has been significantly altered, which happens when turbines are put in recreational/residential/forest areas where there is forage and cover elsewhere.

Noise bothers wildlife. The more industrialization an area experiences, the less wildlife there will be….

Wisconsin hunters complain they can’t hear deer coming through the woods because of turbine noise, and numbers are down. Deer populations have crashed in Wyoming because ranches have been broken up…


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