Ohioans willing to be the ‘last man standing’ in fight with BigWind


Crawford/Richland counties

Ohio citizens are ramping up their fight against BigWind. More residents have joined the fight and will take BigWind to the Supreme Court, if necessary.  Above, you read 1 letter written by someone who is willing to be, ‘the last man standing’ in the fight (entirety at link below) and the excerpt below, is from Greenwich township. The Ohio Power Siting Board appears to have their hands full with unhappy Ohioans…

A state board may have approved a wind turbine project in Greenwich Township, but a group of residents opposed to the idea arent finished fighting.

Omega Crop Company owners Gerald and Connie Oney have filed a rehearing request with the Ohio Power Siting Board. The board is a separate entity within the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and has the final say as to whether the park is built.

The board can make one of three decisions within 30 days of Omegas filing: It can reconsider its approval of the project, deny Omegas reconsideration request or it can expand the amount of time it takes to consider its options….

via Answers just blowin in the wind | Norwalk Reflector.

and via http://dis.puc.state.oh.us/TiffToPDf/A1001001A14I29B72856I04594.pdf