BigWind causes electricity rates to rise in Illinois

It will take time, but eventually, many will begin to see through the renewable energy scams. Although the wind is free, converting it to usable electricity is extremely expensive and only sustainable with massive governmental subsidies. Other countries are seeing rates rise, and so are areas in the USA, that rely upon industrial wind as a larger portion of their economy. Thank you to the Ohio legislators and our governor for Senate Bill 310, which will temporarily ‘freeze’ our renewable energy mandates while such consequences are reviewed…

Customers of CWLP have seen rate increases when they use more power, and now they are being asked for an increase because they use less power.

I requested information from CWLP under the Freedom of Information Act, and I believe it shows the rate increases the past several years can be attributed to the wind-power contract that was coerced by the Sierra Club.

This contract is a 10-year contract with NextEnergy Resources formerly FPL Energy.

CWLP is purchasing energy from two wind farms in northern Iowa — Hancock Farms and Crystal Farms Wind Farms. The purchases began in November 2008, so the contract should end in October 2018.

CWLP does not need this power, as it already has excess generating capacity to sell power on the open market.

Reviewing internal financial statements from November 2008 through July 2014 reveals losses of over $70 million related to this contract, and the losses are escalating.

For fiscal year 2013, the loss was over $16 million, and for fiscal year 2014 it was $15.9 million. For the first four months of fiscal year 2015, the loss is $7 million — so on pace for $21 million.

Meanwhile, public records show NextEnergy earned $229 million in the second quarter of 2014. Why are we subsidizing them?…

via Jack Hellner: Fundamental dishonesty, mismanagement at City Water, Light and Power – Opinion – The State Journal-Register – Springfield, IL.