More Ohioans join the fight against BigWind

Opponents of the planned wind turbine complex in southern Huron County are still fighting the project, and theyve picked up support from local politicians.

Someone described the Union Neighbors United (Ohio) group as ‘sticky like tar’, recently, because of their tenacity against BigWind.  It appears as though the Greenwich group may be following suit….

On August 25, the Ohio Power Siting Board issued an order allowing Greenwich Windpark to go forward with its planned wind farm.

6011 Greenwich Windpark, LLC, a subsidiary of Windlab Developments USA, plans to build up to 25 wind turbines in Greenwich Township, covering 4,650 acres of land leased from 26 landowners, east of Greenwich and just north of Richland County. The turbines would be up to 490.5 feet tall, with rotor diameters of up to 383 feet.

But landowners havent given up fighting the project.

Omega Crop Co. has asked for a rehearing from the board.

The application essentially means that the board is being asked to reconsider its decision, said Matt Butler, a spokesman for the Ohio Power Siting Board.The board is supposed to act in 30 days after Omegas application, which was turned in on Sept. 23…

via Landowners still fighting windfarm | Sandusky Register.