Large Ohio manufacturers oppose BigWind and form Manufacturing Policy Alliance

Your friends and neighbors need to express their support for these companies. These manufacturers, and suppliers of Ohio jobs, understand that forcing our electric companies to purchase BigWind expensive energy is NOT good for our manufacturing base. Do you remember what the President of Timken said in the SB310 hearing? He said the mandates would cost his company an extra $1 million annually.  Do you remember why Honda supported SB310? Their electric co-op has an exemption from paying those same renewable riders! …

Some of Ohio’s largest manufacturers have formed a new lobbying group that will focus on state issues, a move that closely follows some of the companies’ ending their involvement with another group, the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association.

The Manufacturing Policy Alliance’s founding members are Alcoa, Ford, General Electric, Marathon Petroleum, Nucor Steel Marion, TimkenSteel and Timken.

“Right now, we’re an organization of seven members and hoping to grow,” said Bob Lapp, a retired executive from Timken, who is the group’s president and sole staff member.

Those companies were strong supporters of Senate Bill 310, a bill signed this spring by Gov. John Kasich that places a two-year freeze on “green” energy standards. In that debate, the companies were often at odds with the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, which opposed the bill.

This was the most recent of several issues in which the OMA had sharp disagreement among its members….

via Large Ohio manufacturing employers form lobbying group | The Columbus Dispatch.