Nuclear picks a fight with BigWind and says, “I’M green, you’re not!”

It’s about time that the nuclear industry, and some quality engineers, entered the ‘green’ arena and defended itself. Like it or not, nuclear should be part of our energy future. We have blogged about the potential for Thorium, and how China is investing oodles of $ to develop it. Nuclear truly is CLEAN with ZERO emissions and it produces a tremendous amount of energy, at a constant level. Their land footprint is a fraction of that of BigWind; however, when is the last time that the USA approved a new nuclear facility? Please SEE SHORT VIDEO BELOW!!!!!!…

The battle to be embraced as the best environmental choice for Ontarios power supply is getting down and dirty.

Fed up with the wind-farm sector enjoying what it considers an undeserved reputation as a pristine energy supplier, Canadas nuclear industry — it generates the lions share of electricity in Ontario — has launched a public relations assault against wind.

Both nuclear and wind are major players in the power mix of Southwestern Ontario, home to one of the worlds largest nuclear plants — Bruce Power, near Kincardine — and many of Ontarios biggest wind farms.

“Wind power isnt as clean as its supporters have claimed. It performs unreliably and needs backup from gas, which emits far more greenhouse gas than either wind or nuclear power,” said Dr. John Barrett, president and chief executive of the Canadian Nuclear Association, in an e-mail to QMI Agency.

The Canadian Nuclear Association hired Toronto-based Hatch Ltd., a global consulting and engineering firm, to compare wind farm and nuclear energy.

Hatch reviewed 246 studies, mostly from North America and Europe. Its 91-page report concludes wind energy over the lifetime of an installation produces slightly less greenhouse gas — implicated in climate change — than nuclear and both produce a lot less than gas-fired generating plants.

But Hatch says its an entirely different picture when wind energys reliance on other generating sources is considered.

The engineering firm calculates wind turbines only generate 20% of their electrical capacity because of down time when no wind blows….

via Sun News : Canadian Nuclear Association blasts wind energy green claim.