BigWind sued and settles out of court. Will a Domino effect follow?

BigWind in Michigan has given back some of their subsidy $ to 17 of 19 residents who sued them in 2013. Will we now see a domino effect for suffering residents all over the USA? We know of people in Van Wert county who share some of these same concerns…

“According to the complaint, the neighbors allege that throughout the project’s testing period and immediately after it began operation last November, they noticed the following “intrusions” on their properties and homes:

• Frequent, “highly disturbing” noise from the turbines.

• Vibrations or a pulsing sensation as the blades pass by the pedestal.

• A flicker/strobe effect inside their homes when sunlight passes through the blades.

• Glare when sunlight shines on the turbines.

• Numberous flashing red lights reflecting off the rotating blades that “overwhelm the night sky” and are visible inside their homes.

The lawsuit alleges the neighbors, all of whom say they own property and live in homes within a half-mile of some of the turbines, have suffered “some and/or all” of the following physical conditions, which they attribute to the wind farm:

• Inability to sleep and repeated awakening.

• Headaches and pressure.

• Ringing and aching in the ears.

• Dizziness.

• Stress and tension.

• Extreme fatigue.

• Reduced ability to concentrate.

• Nausea.

The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs will continue to suffer harm, including physical injury, emotional distress and loss of property value if they continue to be exposed to the wind farm’s operation….” via:

Consumers Energy Co. and the original 17 Mason County residents who sued the company over its Lake Winds Energy Park wind farm south of Ludington have settled their lawsuit on the eve of trial.

Settlement negotiations continue with two other plaintiffs who joined the 2013 lawsuit later, attorneys said. In their case, a trial in Mason County 51st Circuit Court has been postponed until after the first of the year.

Terms of the settlement with the first 17 plaintiffs are confidential….

Mason County wind-farm lawsuit against Consumers Energy settled for 17 of 19 plaintiffs |