BigWind NEEDS BigOil to survive

BigWind blades, predominantly, depend upon epoxy adhesives to glue their seams etc. As the blades get longer, they will only depend on them more. Where do epoxy adhesives originate? Where are the raw materials, to make epoxy, derived from? Big Bad Oil – they are petroleum based. Does anyone else find this ironic? Those who promote renewable energy walk in-step with the anti BigOil crowd, yet BigWind is DEPENDENT on BigOil for its survival, manufacturing, transportation and installation….

Adhesives in global composites market is expected to reach an estimated value of $1,170 million by 2019. The major drivers for adhesives in composites market are growth in end user industry such as automotive, aerospace, and wind energy industry, and increasing penetration of composite materials in those industries….

Growth Opportunities for Adhesives in Global Composites Industry 2014-2019 – Lucintel.