BigWind DOUBLES electricity rate for a school

How does it make ‘cents’ for a school district to pay $0.155/kWh for 25 years, when they WERE paying $0.084? They are now DOUBLING their electricity bills x 25 years! The taxpayers should be outraged.  This is a perfect example of how schools are being taken advantage of by BigWind. Our school administrators are not well versed about this industry and their smokescreens. The ONLY positive in this situation is that BigWind has a very poor production history- they will hopefully only produce 30% of what they ‘claim’ they will produce….

…With a vote taken by the School Committee on Wednesday evening and a prior one by the Town Council on Oct. 27, officials have approved a tentative contract to put up a new turbine at Portsmouth High School.

The agreement with Wind Energy Development of North Kingstown would resolve what has weighed heavily on the town since the turbine was idled: the loan it has to repay. The town still owes $1.4 million, according to town planner Gary Crosby, and the deal requires the developer to pay it off all at once or in scheduled payments that could total up to $2 million over several years.

In exchange, the town will purchase electricity generated by the turbine for 25 years. The rate, a minimum of 15.5 cents per kilowatt hour, is comparable to what National Grid pays wind energy producers, but is substantially more than the 8.4 cents per kilowatt hour that the utility currently charges the town.

“This deal is not perfect,” said Crosby. “But we really have one of two options: one is to take it down and sell it as is and pay off the note with taxpayer funds or this deal…. It’s better than the alternative.”…

Portsmouth opts to replace broken wind turbine | Breaking News | | The Providence Journal.