BigWind paid $68,000,000 (this yr) to NOT SPIN

Why, as Americans, do we tolerate our government shoving renewables at us when other countries are losing money b/c of them? This should be absolutely appauling to the Brits and American politicians should be required to read such reports about other countries’ experiences with BigWind- this is one of many disasters! In America, we are making some of the same mistakes. BigWind is given massive subsidies to build and then produce a fractional amount of energy for the first 3 years of their existence. Then, they just sell to another shady operator and start the tax evasion game all over, as if the industrial wind site was built brand new. They reduce our property values, damage the health of people living near them, all the while, laughing all the way to the bank.  Additionally, our grid operators don’t penalize them when BigWind FAILS to perform as predicted- they are the only power producer given this free pass without monetary penalties.  The scam continues to build as taxpayers fund Billions (soon to be Trillions) of $ in transmission lines- at no cost to BigWind. Share with anyone who needs educated…..

The wind industry claims the payments are justified because of the operational costs involved in switching off.

They say other energy industries, such as coal plants, can far more easily stop production and save money when they do so.

But critics point out that the high value of payments reflect a fundamental problem with wind power….

Wind turbines are inherently unpredictable, depending on the weather, and so must be controlled to stop surges causing physical damage to electricity cables and equipment.

The windiest places are often the furthest away from cities where the power is needed, meaning high transmission costs.

The overwhelming majority of the payments to date have been to wind farms in Scotland, where the bulk of wind farms are located….

‘Building more grid is given as the answer, but that is very expensive – it would have been cheaper not to build these wind farms in the first place.

‘They are charging very high prices to switch off – far higher than the cost of actually producing the power – but officials will not challenge them because this the Government’s pet technology.’

The cost of wind power has become an increasingly divisive issue at the heart of Government….

Wind farms paid £43m to be idle as National Grid couldnt handle power they produced | Daily Mail Online.