Our Indiana neighbors turn RED against BigWind

This county already has BigWind within its borders and it is BigWind neighbors who are strongly opposed to future expansion. The reason these companies are in our little communities is because of the Federal Wind Production Tax Credit. If the tax breaks disappear, so will BigWind. Congress is NOW debating whether or not to ‘extend’ the incredibly generous tax breaks to BigWind.  Part of this package is to hand them $0.022/kWh of electricity that they produce- that is 30% of my bill!!!! No other power producer is given this gift.  After receiving this gift for almost 30 years running, isn’t it time that we share our $ with industries that are actually headquartered here, in the USA? Better yet, the CBO estimates this gift is worth $12B, so why not focus on paying down our debt? Please let your Congressman know how you feel…

People vehemently against having a wind farm in Huntington County packed the GAR Room at the courthouse on Wednesday, Nov. 12, to make their feelings known to the Huntington County Plan Commission.

About 100 people crammed the room with more seated outside, most of them wearing red shirts symbolizing their opposition to wind energy….

Shouting matches occasionally disrupted the meeting, as the commission heard few comments about the ordinance revision and more about how the county shouldn’t have wind turbines at all.

Throughout the four-hour meeting, plan commission members decided more work needed to be done to amend the county’s 2009 ordinance, with Apex Clean Energy waiting in the wings to explore construction in the Plum Tree area of Huntington County….

There was no formal action taken at the Nov. 12 meeting. At its conclusion, the commission unanimously voted to continue discussion to its next regularly scheduled meeting, on Wednesday, Dec. 10, at 6:30 p.m. in the GAR Room of the Huntington County Courthouse.

Wind farm opponents vocal at plan meeting | Huntington County Tab.