Ohio electric co-op warns us about the EPA

MidWest Electric is sending an S.O.S. message to ALL Ohioans and, frankly, all Americans. It takes very little time/effort to contact our legislators and share our opinion. Visit TellEPA.com   BigWind lobbying is part of this plan which will cause our electric rates to soar. Please consider this a last warning or your next year’s Christmas budget could be significantly smaller….

As a member-owned electric cooperative, Midwest Electric Inc. exists to provide much-needed electricity in an affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible manner….

Whenever challenges to our core mission crop up, we’ve taken action to support the best interests of our members. We are facing a new challenge in the form of proposed regulations from the U.S. EPA that will raise costs for our members and all consumers, regardless of who their provider is.

The EPA is seeking to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide coming from U.S. power plants in the name of combating climate change. These proposed rules add layers of regulatory bureaucracy even though U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have been declining and will continue to do so without the EPA’s proposal.

The EPA’s own data shows the rule would have less than 1 percent impact on global carbon dioxide emissions and reduce anticipated global temperature change less than two one-hundredths of a degree.

Our wholesale power supplier, Buckeye Power Inc., says this could add $40 to $50 per month to the bill of a typical electric cooperative member in Ohio. That’s $500 to $600 per year for almost no benefit.

Ohio’s electric cooperatives already have spent more than $1 billion in the past decade adding environmental control systems to their Cardinal Plant’s coal-fired generating units. This has added about $20 a month to the average bill but has enabled these units to achieve top-tier environmental performance….

The EPA is accepting public input until Dec. 1. I encourage anyone interested in finding out more about the issue to visit TellEPA.com. Visit for information and send a comment to the EPA asking for common sense regulations that would protect affordable electricity for all Americans.

Editorial: Consumers lose under EPA plan – LimaOhio.com – limaohio.com.