GE profits from both sides of the BigWind fraud ledger

This may make you rethink your GE appliance purchase. Does this give an American company a black eye?….

America’s GE is not only a big name giant fan maker in the US, it’s really big business is in making the fast-start-up Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGTs) which are being rolled out in their hundreds wherever there is any significant wind power capacity. OCGT peaking plants are essential to covering the inevitable, but wholly unpredictable collapses in wind power output that occur almost every day, and for days on end (see our posts here and here).

So, GE wins on both sides of the wind power fraud ledger: it gets to sell giant fans that might pump some power into the grid now and again (let’s say 30% on average – at best – but without any idea of just when that might be) – and, as a consequence, gets to sell OCGTs in their hundreds; for which there would be no market at all in the absence of the chaotic output from wind farms.

It’s a bit like Gillette selling handles for its razors (at a giveaway price) knowing that it will make a very tidy profit selling its blades at a whopping mark-up to the same customer for years to come. But – whether or not GE sells wind turbines (and it hasn’t sold many in Australia) – as long as giant fans are being speared into rural communities, GE still gets to sell OCGTs – a market in which it dominates.

GE has been advertising heavily in The Guardian – under the banner “Powering People” and in The Australian – where, over the last few months, GE have “sponsored” numerous “features” under its banner “Powering Australia”.

Could be a coincidence, but since GE started throwing a fat pile of cash at The Australian for its slick little self-promotion strategy, the number of articles challenging the wind industry and/or the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) – on which the former entirely depends – has dropped off; and the editorials – which were once pointed and critical, calling for the LRET to go (see our post here) – have become full of Goldilocks guff about reducing the LRET to a level that’s somehow, “just right”….

The Guardian Caught Out Pumping Dale Vince’s Bogus Wind Power Propaganda – STOP THESE THINGS.