Dead Eagle Data: What BigWind (and Honda) does NOT want you to know…

Would Honda (in Ohio) like to hide this information? It could certainly be bad press for their manufacturing site near Indian Lake, Ohio. Educate and share with people who care…

“…Every industry must be treated the same under our endangered species, migratory bird, and other laws.”

For decades wind industry research has been using “studies” that are actually designed to hide the harmful impacts of wind turbines. Industry-related studies on health impacts, declining real estate values, whooping crane surveys, golden eagle surveys, turbines preventing climate change, wind turbine energy potential, and, especially, bird and bat mortality, have all been manipulated through fraudulent data collection methodologies.

These data collection methods have enabled the U.S. wind industry to hide 90% or more of turbine avian and bat mortality, in my estimation, from public view.

But much more than bogus research is going on here. Research that should be conducted has been deliberately avoided, and transparency regarding wind projects is virtually non-existent…

PacifiCorp, an energy company owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway holding company, is suing the Interior Department to stop the release of this data. The lawsuit, filed October 17, said the disclosure will cause “irreparable harm” to PacifiCorp. In the complaint, the company also stated said that withholding theinformation is in the public’s interest, because that will ensure “open communication” between such companies and the government.

Remember these statements as you read on and ponder the implications.

First and most obvious, How does withholding information facilitate open communication or the public’s right to know the facts about this industry and the harmful effects it is having on important wildlife and their habitats?Obviously, it does not.

Second, Why would a so called “clean renewable energy” and a “green energy company” ever need to file a lawsuit to keep the wind industry’s bird mortality data secret? The reasons for this lawsuit are more about eagles than birds in general….

My estimate is that California was at one time shipping 300-500 eagle carcasses a year to Denver. It is also likely that the Interior Department’s eagle carcass data would show that Nevada, a state with a far greater eagle population and no installed wind turbines until 2012, was sending fewer than 25 eagle carcasses a year to the Repository.

Wind farms in these habitats are places where eagles are easily killed and their carcasses easily found.  The Interior Department data would show that the primary reason for the increases in the eagle carcasses sent to the Denver Repository has been new wind energy developments.

The data would also show that the primary reason for the reduction in eagle carcass shipments from two FWS regions has been that established wind energy developments are killing off slowly reproducing populations, leaving fewer raptors to be swatted by turbine blades.

Conclusion: What Needs to Happen Now 

This is a national disgrace – and a clear violation of endangered species and other laws – that must no longer be tolerated. The public has a right to know the facts.

The courts must reject the PacifiCorp request that eagle mortality data be kept confidential and hidden from public scrutiny….

Dead Eagle Data: Buffet/Berkshire/PacifiCorp Dont Want You to Know (Part 1) – Master Resource.