Could BigWind be planning a BIG expansion in Ohio?

In an effort to build more national support for wind and thus more geographically diverse political support for the wind industry in Congress and across the states, the US Department of Energy has released new maps to show the potential for wind energy in areas previously thought to have limited wind resources.   Much more of Ohio would  now theoretically be considered viable for wind generation. See the link below to the above map.

The new maps anticipate that turbines will be 140 meters which is about 460 feet tall with even longer blades.   It is rather oxymoronic to think that left wing enviro’s in the legislature want shorter setbacks while turbine heights and blade lengths are getting longer.  Proof that many people don’t know what they are talking about and the wind lobby is doing nothing to educate them. Share what you know with your friends and family…peruse our website if you are uncertain of the facts…

WINDExchange: Wind Potential Capacity.