BigWind will INcrease electricity bills 40% by end of decade

We have an entire tab devoted to educating you about the effects of BigWind across the world. Why? Because history should be studied so mistakes are NOT repeated. At this time, we again say thank you to our Ohio legislators, who passed Senate Bill 310- to freeze our renewable mandates for further evaluation. This report is worth paying attention to…and educating your friends, neighbors, and legislators about…..

The cost of household electricity will rise by as much as 40 per cent by the end of the decade because of the Government’s green energy policies.

Official figures — initially withheld by ministers — show an alarming increase in the price of electricity caused by generous subsidies to wind farms as well as other policies.

An average household is expected to pay as much as £250 more for electricity – mainly through consumer subsidies – to pay for the Government’s green energy schemes, while an electrically heated house could be as much as £440 a year worse off.

And by 2030, when thousands of planned offshore wind turbines are finally operating, the burden will be even greater, the numbers show. The average household could be paying an extra 60 per cent for electricity – equivalent to £350 more a year.

Medium-sized businesses will be hit very hard, according to the new data. On average such companies will see electricity bills rise by more than £500,000 a year – a cost likely to be passed on to consumers….

A DECC spokesman said a decision had been taken to withhold the tables because it was “thought to be confusing”….

Green policies to add up to 40pc to cost of household electricity – Telegraph.