Just how weak are BigWind setbacks in the USA?

If you doubt the intelligence of the Germans, this statement and resolution should persuade you, “As wind turbines are getting bigger and higher, the setback has become proportional to the total height of the turbines.”  Let’s face it, any high school physics student should agree with the simplicity of this reality. Have we ever heard anything like this from BigWind in the USA? How about from the BigWind companies residing in Ohio? Absolutely not. They want to protect their assets and install as many industrial machines as possible, in order to recoup as many tax dollar subsidies as they can.  Such a statement would hinder their fundraising from the American taxpayer…

The 10H rule was passed on November 12th and came into force on 21 November 2014 in the Free State of Bavaria.

It has the merit of taking into account the technological evolution of industrial wind turbines, which reach ever higher in the sky and emit ever more infrasound. Although residents will not be sufficiently protected against infrasound, which travels further than 2 km, we can only welcome such a move!

The 10H rule is an important step towards the protection of human beings. And indirectly it also protects nature, because if there are setbacks from dwellings, nature in these areas prohibited to wind turbines will be protected as well.”…

Setback between wind turbines and dwellings: the new 10H rule protects residents in Bavaria | Friends against wind.