Britain BigWind scams their taxpayers for >$1.5M/WEEK!

Britain paid more than $1.5 MILLION PER WEEK to SHUT DOWN their turbines!  Across the pond, they are called ‘constraint’ payments.  Here, we simply call it a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes).  Our payments occur, whether they actually produce any electricity or not. Irregardless, it is still a form of thievery from the taxpayers to BigWind. When will we wake up? Will we 1st have to go broke, while we watch BigWind laugh all the way to the bank?  America deserves better than this.  Our veterans, our children, our future should be protected from such scams. Educate yourselves, your neighbors, your local farmers, and share with your politicians….

Latest industry figures show £53.1 million was handed out to green energy companies over the past 12 months for shutting down turbines. The money is paid by consumers through a subsidy added on to electricity bills.

The turbines have to be shut down at certain times because Britain’s electricity network is unable to cope with the power they produce. The wind farm owners then receive compensation payments for not producing electricity.

On average a wind farm that is paid to switch off earns about one third more than if it produced electricity and sold it to the National Grid. 

The scale of the payments has ballooned in the past two years. In 2012, wind farms were paid £5.9 million to switch off. In 2014, those payments – known as constraint payments – had increased 10-fold to just over £53 million, according to the think-tank Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), which compiled the figures using official data. The true figure is likely to be much higher because not all payments are made public….

“The reckless policy of wind farm construction in Scotland…has created an ongoing bonanza for wind farms, which are actually paid more per unit to stop generating then to generate.”…

Wind farms paid £1m a week to switch off – Telegraph.