BigWind paid Big$ every week to NOT produce energy

We have a tab on our blog, which shows the realities of what BigWind is/has done in other countries. Why? Because it is WISE to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than to repeat those mistakes ourselves.  Apparently, our President is unaware of these realities, as he applauded renewable energy in his State speech last evening.  Anyway, here is yet another example of how BigWind is fleecing taxpayers and it occurs in the USA, too.  They fleece us here by paying a mere fraction of their true taxes, gobbling energy subsidies and producing expensive energy that is not dispatchable when we need it. Additionally, they are the only electric producer which is NOT penalized, monetarily, for NOT producing what they tell the grid operator that they will produce. What does that mean if coal plants continue to close? Blackouts for you and I. Wake up America….

TAXPAYERS handed wind energy firms £1m a month last year to not produce energy, it has emerged, as pressure grows for a rethink in onshore wind turbine subsidies.

Conservatives have urged the Prime Minister to stand by a promise to shake up the subsidy system which one MP yesterday claimed was now more focused on creating money than on meeting the UK’s energy needs.

Selby MP Nigel Adams told MPs it was time to end the cash subsidy system which hands money to companies even when there is no wind, or too much wind, to turn into power.

He said: “Britain’s onshore wind farms are routinely paid large sums of money not to generate electricity—as much as £l million in each week of 2014.

“Those payments, described officially as constraint payments, ultimately end up on consumers’ bills, meaning that the British public are effectively subsidising the UK’s onshore wind industry not to produce electricity.”…

“There is no better example of that than the burden of a levy on everyone’s energy bills to cover subsidy payments to renewable energy firms and landowners who happen to have wind farms or individual turbines on their land—the irony being that those who are already asset-rich become even more wealthy at the expense of hard-working taxpayers.”…

Wind power firms paid £1m a week to not produce energy – Yorkshire Post.