Look at energy costs where BigWind is prevalent

We have blogged about the rising electricity costs, here in the USA, where wind turbines have penetrated the market.    (http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamestaylor/2014/02/27/wind-industry-study-electricity-prices-skyrocketing-in-largest-wind-power-states/) We have also blogged about the rising costs, oversees, anywhere BigWind is present. But, “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words” For those of you who believe in BigWind or if you have friends that do, please share this picture with them….

…Carnegie Mellon’s Electricity Industry Center warns of a public backlash from higher costs if we try to install renewables too quickly: many Renewable Portfolio Standards are now being pulled back. Even our best costs estimates for renewables are often incomplete because they omit the requirement for new transmission and backup generation (“spinning reserve”) that comes from more reliable fossil fuels….

The key here is the “bang for the buck,” i.e., subsidies per unit of production. The Congressional Budget Office finds that nearly 80% and 54% of U.S. Department of Energy subsidies went to renewable energy projects in 2011. The tax breaks for fossil fuel companies, which are typically available to other domestic manufacturers, have an immense and immediate reward: fossil fuels supply over 80% of our primary energy….


Five U.S. Electricity Myths Debunked.