BigWind deemed a ‘public nuisance’ could be coming to Ohio

Last July we introduced you to Apex which bought a number of Ohio projects including Firelands Wind, Emerson Creek I & II, Long Prairie and Republic Wind (see below).  Apex has been in the news a bit lately and we thought we would report on their current state of affairs.    First Reserve, an investment group just announced they have purchased the 298 MW Kingfisher Wind project in Oklahoma from Apex.  This project allegedly has qualified for the Production Tax Credit by having started construction in 2014 although a news report states “there’s not a lot visible”.  The project was deemed a “public nuisance” by the local community and a group opposed to the project is suing to stop it 

Elsewhere, IKEA (the furniture company) and APEX failed to make payments to Ambassador Steel Fabrication, LLS from Auburn, Indiana. The failure of IKEA and APEX to make their payments in a timely manner is now causing issues for farmers and other land owners who leased their properties for the project.  Liens totaling $1.4 million have been placed on leaseholder properties.  Local people are asking the following questions: 

“–Are ag input loans for fertilizer/seed affected?

–Will real estate transactions such as mortgages, land purchases using existing lien subject property as collateral at risk?

–Will there be legal problems for trustees if the benefactors of the trust learn their land is listed and subjected to a lien collection proceeding? “ 

Why should you be concerned about this, as an Ohio resident? Look at their current purchases in Ohio:

Erie & Huron (Firelands Wind)

…March 25, 2014 – Apex Clean Energy has acquired the wind energy assets of Firelands Wind Farm, a subsidiary of juwi Wind. These assets have the potential to support approximately 100 MW of wind energy capacity in Ohio.

Seneca & Huron (Emerson Creek I and Emerson Creek II)

…April 18, 2013 – Apex Wind Energy has acquired certain wind development assets from Citizens Wind, L.L.C. These assets have the potential to support approximately 100 MW of capacity in Ohio.    [Ed. Note: We believe this was Exelon’s Seneca Wind]

Van Wert & Mercer (Long Prairie)

…May 29, 2014 – Apex Clean Energy has acquired six wind energy development projects from BP Wind Energy, North America, Inc. These projects have the potential to support approximately 710 MW of wind energy capacity in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Seneca & Sandusky  (Republic Wind)

…March 27, 2014 – Apex Clean Energy has acquired certain wind energy assets from Nordex USA, Inc. These assets have the potential to support approximately 450 MW of wind energy capacity in Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas.

By going to   you can see more information about the Apex projects….


An Apex Clean Energy wind farm under construction between Piedmont and Kingfisher will be sold to a new company, Apex said Thursday….

“This transaction highlights Apex’s broad capabilities to deliver turn-key clean energy solutions for our financial partners,” said Apex President Mark Goodwin . “Apex will continue its involvement in managing all aspects of Kingfisher Wind, from development and construction through long-term asset management.

Apex spokeswoman Dahvi Wilson said the wind farm is expected to be in operation later this year. “Technically, construction has begun, but there’s not a lot visible,” Wilson said. “We expect roads and substations will be under construction by the spring.”

The $425 million project, announced in 2012, has drawn criticism from some nearby landowners not happy about having a wind farm near their property. City officials in Piedmont deemed the project a “public nuisance” until a settlement was reached taking some planned turbine locations outside city limits….

Apex will sell Kingfisher wind farm that drew opposition from some nearby landowners | RenewablesBiz.