Is it really responsible for us to give tax$ to BigWind?

Is it responsible for our ELECTED legislators to continue to throw our taxdollars at BigWind? If you say, yes, please read this article, which compares the experience in the USA, along with other countries. The numbers don’t lie. I can think of MANY other ways to responsibly spend our taxdollars to actually HELP people, businesses, and our economy. What about you????

an analysis of cost ratios, and no matter what your viewpoint of economics might be, the numbers here don’t lie. Without being propped up by subsidies, solar and wind aren’t even in the race as their competitiveness leaves them at the starting line while cheap natural gas (aided by fracking) runs laps around the race course….

In summary, the figures show that these three major nations of the Western world have spent about ~$0.5trillion to create Renewable Energy electrical generation capacity nominally amounting to ~5.8% of their total generation. This capacity could be reproduced using conventional natural gas fired electrical generation for ~$31 billion or ~1/16 of the costs expended….

As all Renewable Energy technologies are only viable with the support of costly government subsidies, market intervention and manipulation, can this be a responsible use of public funds ?…

Analysis: Solar & wind power costs are huge compared to natural gas fired generation | Watts Up With That?.