There is ‘hope’ if BigWind causes you grief- lawsuit settlement

A domino train falls apart 1 piece at a time and that is what we are beginning to see with BigWind.  All over the globe, there are glimmers of hope, as some lawsuits are successful.  Lawsuits brought on by neighbors who are suffering from adverse health effects, and devaluation of property. The family below, likens these experiences with tobacco, and claim that everyone will know the truth in the future.  We pray that it doesn’t take 20 years, though, for the USA to realize their mistake.  Our economy, small businesses and residents cannot afford the rising electricity prices that follow this industry because of their taxpayer handouts….

A lawsuit in which residents living near the Lake Winds wind plant south of Ludington claimed the facility was making people sick has been settled out of court. Cary Shineldecker, one of the plaintiffs in the case, isn’t allowed to discuss details of the settlement, but is still allowed to talk about the alleged negative health effects that can be suffered by those who live near such facilities….

“We filed the lawsuit based on health impact, property value loss and loss of enjoyment and use of our property,” Shineldecker said….

“It was just about to go to trial; in fact I was in court waiting to be the first to testify, when we were told a settlement had been reached,” Shineldecker said. “It took about two months to work out the wording; then ours was actually finalized the week of Dec. 17.

“To me, we were helping others by being willing to take a stand,” Shineldecker added. “One of these days the facts are going to come out. Twenty years from now the health impacts of living with these industrial wind turbines will be common knowledge. It will be like the way it happened with cigarettes. But right now those who know the truth are a minority. The talking points used by AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) haven’t changed from what they were saying five years ago. I believe that in our democracy, right will win in the end, but only after a lot of sacrifices have been made.”…

One Lawsuit Settled, But No Truce in Wind Energy Debate [Michigan Capitol Confidential].