Why setbacks are important

It is rumored that the Ohio legislature will introduce a new bill to DEcrease turbine setbacks in our state, because BigWind has whined that it prohibits their future projects in the state.  This is an outstanding picture to help you understand WHY these setbacks are important. Remember, blades do break and shear, ice chunks (as large as vehicles) do fly off turbine blades, and we know some are affected by noise, infrasound, health effects, and property DEvaluation.  The Ohio legislature took a great step, last year, when they enacted new setbacks from Ohioans property LINES, rather than only from residences.  As these machines creep into our backyards and they grow IMMENSELY in size, this issue will become more relevant in our friends’ and neighbors’ lives.  Please encourage our legislature to put the safety and future of Ohioans first, before BigWind….

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