People of Missouri are being sued by BigWind

Let’s review some facts about BigWind: 

1. We legislate the mandatory purchase of their energy through renewable energy portfolios (many states, including Ohio have this)

2. We give them massive subsidies to artificially lower their true energy prices.

3. We allow them to ‘skip’ the mandatory fines when they fail to produce the energy to the grid that they promised

4. We allow them to pay a mere fraction, 1/6th of the taxes to our communities that they should pay (PILOT, payment in lieu of taxes, in Ohio and other states)

5. We allow them to disrupt our countryside, adversely affect the health and properties of some neighbors (see yesterday’s graph)

6. We take their ‘pocket change’ back into our communities, as they lavishly pay some farmers and schools….

And, finally, after all of this, their foreign-owned company sues us because our grid cannot handle, and does not want their intermittent, unreliable, non-dispatchable power.  In plain English, our grid system does not want or NEED BigWind’s energy!!! In this case, Independence Power and Light is a municipal electric company, where the customers are also the owners of the company.  Will they now see the truths behind this industry? This story has nothing to do with energy independence or carbon emissions or saving the planet- it has to do with GREED. BigWind must have the mandate to purchase their power, for them to survive with our taxdollars…

The city of Independence is being sued for more than half a million dollars

Independence Power and Light buys about 15 MW a day – 5% of IPL’s power – from Smoky Hills, but the day-to-day generation and distribution of power for IPL and many other utilities is set by the Southwest Power Pool….

Smoky Hills contends in court that the Southwest Power Pool caused “curtailments” of power being sent to Independence several times from March 2012 through September 2014….

Smoky Hills, west of Salina, Kansas, is operated by an Italian renewable energy company…

Wind power provider suing city over power usage – News – Examiner – Independence, MO.