BigWind ‘Siting Seminar’ will be chaired by Everpower’s Speerschneider

It was another astonishing week in the world of wind.  EverPower’s owner, Terra Firma Capital partners dumped its plans to raise money for a renewable energy investment fund.  Speaking to Bloomberg Television, Chairman Guy Hands said that returns from renewables were “too low to make the fund worthwhile.“  This reported “change in strategy”  has been accompanied by executives leaving the firm.  We reported previously that one of the three managing directors that oversees the renewable portfolio, including EverPower, Stefan Thiele, is leaving.  This past week the CFO, Chris Barnes, announced his departure and he will not be replaced. Mr. Speerschneider (remember him, Ohio?), of Everpower, is one of the program chairs for the upcoming AWEA ‘Siting Seminar’. Maybe he is unaware of this news…or he plans to use his ‘siting expertise’ to move his career in a new direction, hopefully, OUT of Ohio…

We don’t know about you, but we can’t imagine that a siting seminar is good for the general public. We know that these machines can cause a plethora of problems, but the industry needs to plant more of them, which means closer to us, to take more of our taxdollars….

Terra Firma’s chief financial officer has left the private equity firm, which has been grappling with its latest fundraising efforts and a string of expected senior departures….

AWEA Wind Project Siting Seminar 2015.