Indiana seeks greater setbacks than Ohio for BigWind

BigWind cries about Ohio’s wind turbine setbacks, enacted last year; however, once again, we find others desiring even more stringent setbacks than our own. Why? The truth is spreading like a wildfire. People are aware that some individuals ARE affected by infrasound from these machines…

The debate over a wind farm in Fayette County is picking up steam again, as there will be a public hearing on a petition from a group of residents seeking to extend the setback distance for wind turbines in Fayette County…

The WPCC, however, has expressed concerns over the county’s current zoning ordinance on setback distances for wind turbines — 1,000 feet — and feels a greater distance is needed, in order for those residents who are not participating in the project to be safeguarded against physical and environmental concerns, such as shadow flicker and noise, they have concerning the wind turbines.

NextEra Energy Resources, as part of their previous agreements with the county, has stated it would implement a 1,400- foot setback for wind turbines from non-participating landowners, but the WPCC wants to see a greater distance, according to the petition submitted to county commissioners.

“It is a petition for a zoning ordinance amendment,” Commissioner Frank Jackson said during Tuesday’s meeting. “What is being requested is a 2,640-foot setback from property lines of non-participating landowners, plus 2,640 from the participating landowners residence, and the same for public conservation lands, public parks, public schools, fire stations, et cetera.”

The petition clarifies that participating landowners in a wind project can waive, in writing, the 2,640-foot setback concerning a wind turbine on their property, and also requests that the noise level of both commercial and non-commercial wind turbines be no greater than 35 decibels measured from the nearest residence — excluding the residence of a participating landowner — and that the noise level can measure no greater than that with the exception of a utility outage or severe storm occurrence….

County to have public hearing on turbine setbacks | Hoosier Herald.