Ten Reasons to Eliminate the Windustry’s Taxpayer Feast

BigWind is gathering a lot of attention, as it is scrambling to renew its taxpayer handouts (PTC production tax credit) and as states are canceling their renewable portfolios (Kansas,NC,Ohio?). Below are 10 reasons to eliminate the taxpayer handout to the Windustry.  Click on the link at the bottom to read the details…

1. It INcreases electricity costs.

2. It is a Special Interest Handout.

3. It Threatens the reliability of the electricity grid.

4. It Encourages “Cannibal Behavior”

5. It DESTROYS MORE jobs than it creates.

6. It stifles innovation.

7. It is crucial to the EPA power plant regulations.

8. It ignores environmental drawbacks of wind energy.

9. It props up an old, failed technology.

10. It promotes an energy source that depends on other energy sources….

Ten Reasons to Eliminate the Wind PTC – American Energy Alliance.