BigWind to influence next presidential campaign

Wind industry to flex political muscle in presidential campaign |

Charlie Brown said it best. AWEA is now ‘threatening’ to use their muscle (aka spend our tax dollars) to influence politicians in the upcoming election season. Haven’t they already been doing this for years? Does anyone else find it interesting that this industry is ENTIRELY dependent on our tax dollars and that they will now use those tax dollars to persuade politicians for more support? Let us not forget to remind our friends that the states with the most industrial wind projects have the highest increases in their electricity bills…..

The wind industry will begin flexing its political muscle in the run-up to the presidential elections, with the goal of holding politicians accountable for their support, or lack thereof, for wind-generated electricity.

“We are a big industry … we want to flex our muscle more,” said Mike Garland, president and CEO of Pattern Energy, speaking Wednesday to reporters on a panel with other industry officials from its Wind Power 2015 conference in Orlando, Fla. Pattern is a leading wind energy company that owns and operates facilities in three countries.

Garland, with the American Wind Energy Association, will begin holding town forums with presidential hopefuls on both sides of aisle to push them on their commitment to the renewable energy industry….

Garland said “we have been very collegial” in the past, but “we have to be more proactive” by interjecting the voice of the industry into the presidential debate in a much more visible way.

He said the wind industry will be much more assertive on the campaign trail, where the industry will seek to hold politicians “accountable” for their support and call them out when they don’t live up to their obligations.

Wind industry officials also will reach out to members of Congress to counter what the industry says are misconceptions about wind-generated electricity being unreliable and expensive. Garland and other officials say the facts show just the opposite — wind provides low cost electricity and makes the grid more reliable….

Wind industry to flex political muscle in presidential campaign |