Ohio residents call 911 for help with wind turbine noise

Apparently our 2 representatives, Burkley and Brown, are UNaware of problems like this.  Unbelievable since these problems occur all over the world, along with complaints about road damage, farm tile damage, rising electricity rates, etc. These 2 representative have introduced a house bill that will give permission to 3 county commissioners to REDUCE the current wind turbine setbacks. See our blog from yesterday and another in the past couple of weeks, for more information. Let your legislators know that you do not believe it is right for BigWind to be able to influence county commissioners who can then put you at risk for problems like this…. 

Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night by a wind turbine. It was happening for years to several residents of Ridgeville Township near Archbold until they got fed up and turned to Call 11 for Action for help.

“Sometimes it’s really shrill and loud, other times it just hums,” said Joni Decator, who lives on County Road U. “But when it’s shrieking, you can’t even hear to talk to someone on the patio.”

Decator says she can hear the noise from inside her home, too, even with the doors closed and the air conditioner running.

“In the spring, we don’t open our windows at night because we can hear it,” said neighbor Mandy Walker. “It’ll wake you up. It’s loud enough to wake you up at like 3 in the morning when it starts in.”

Walker and her family have a clear view of the turbine from the house they moved into nine years ago. They say the problem started in the summer of 2012 and prohibits them from even spending time outside at their pool….

Henry Co. residents fed up with wind turbine noise contact Call – Toledo News Now, News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH.