Ohio Power Siting Board, once again, Said Yes to BigWind

No one in Ohio filed an injunction against this wind project and OPSB on the grounds that the project nameplate is actually greater than 5 MW, which is the lower threshold for OPSB project siting jurisdiction.

The project is 7.5 MW and while connected to two different plants (Whirlpool and Ball), both plants are served by the same transmission bus and an adjacent distribution bus, so the effect on the transmission system is the same as a 7.5 MW facility, while clearly the land use impacts are that of a 7.5 MW facility. 

It can be argued the facility is one facility not two for numerous reasons:

– interconnected to the same transmission corridor/bus

– sharing construction services, equipment and probably contracts, and being constructed at same time

– turbines of same make and model ordered at same time by same developer who then used “two adjacent customers” as a ruse to subvert the OPSB jurisdiction nameplate capacity threshold of 5 MW.

– all five turbine locations have been coordinated as a single project and placed is an array to maximize the total project wind resource potential

The list could continue.

But of course who would be motivated to file such an injunction? The Ohio Consumers Council might have been the proper entity. 

The other piece vital here is at what price excess energy from these machines will be sold back through distribution, and how the two factories being net metered will pay for their electricity demand profile net of wind generation.  If those agreements aren’t properly constructed then part of the economic viability of this wind project necessarily falls on the backs of all other ratepayers but will never be allocated as such…

Whirlpool Corp. in Findlay hosted a groundbreaking ceremony (last) Monday to celebrate its future use of wind to help power the plant.


Its two wind turbines will be operational late this year and are part of a $7.4 million project, called the Findlay Wind Farm.


It is a “Wind for Industry” project, financed by One Energy, which provides energy solutions for large electric consumers, according to a press release from Whirlpool.


The farm is estimated to offset about 22 percent of the plant’s energy use. Ball Co. will construct three other wind turbines on the farm….

Whirlpool breaks ground on Findlay wind turbines – LimaOhio.com – limaohio.com.