Say it isn’t so! BigWind FAILS in Ohio?!?

We could have saved Toledo a lot of $. If you look at the NREL chart on the front page of our blog, you will see that Ohio is a dismal place for wind turbines. The industrial wind sites that are currently in operation, have very poor performance records, with capacity factors below 30%. In terms of their lifespan, well, we knew that, too. Remember, that BigWind companies are have received billions from the American taxpayer. The result? They hire the best salespeople….

The City of Toledo is looking at taking down four wind turbines that sit atop One Government Center.

The Ohio Building Authority thought it would tap the wind to generate energy for the building, but that isn’t happening.

Chances are, you never knew there were wind turbines sitting on the roof of this building.

They were installed back in October 2010.

At the time, they were considered the new wave of renewable energy and could save the city tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs….

The Mike Bell Administration supported the effort to install the turbines.

But Mazure says high winds 250-feet in the air frequently caused mechanical breakdowns. And the poorly designed turbines became too expensive to repair.

Mazur says, “We were told by the manufacturer at the time that they had a life of 30-years.”

Instead, those turbines churned for only 18-months….

Toledo wind turbines catching no breeze.