Is BigWind turning Ohio government into a barnyard filled w chickens and pigs?

The week’s action has taken place and today we report on Reactions.

The Chickens:    On Monday the Ohio Mandate Study Committee held its last meeting and heard from two opponents.    Greg Lawson of the conservative Buckeye Policy Institute and Ryan Yonk from Utah State University who conducted a study on the macro economic impacts of mandates.   Yonk said a comparison of projected growth rates between states with mandates and without mandates found that Ohio is on track to experience less growth equating to 29,000 fewer manufacturing jobs by 2026 if the mandates stay in place. Lawson summed up much of the opponent testimony given over the past year.    The case for repealing mandates and eliminating a guaranteed market for renewables has been made.  The Committee will accept any written testimony that the public would like to submit prior to issuing its report and recommendations on September 30th.   This is the time for Committee members to speak out in favor of repealing the mandates because such compelling evidence has been gathered proving that mandates are not good for anybody except wind energy developers and investors.  Did they?  No.  The chickens announced they have “open minds”Chairman Balderson said “everything is on the table” and Co-Chair Kristina Roegner said it is too soon to tell what the Committee will recommend.  What????   The best guess now is that rather than repeal the mandates, they may either be frozen at existing levels or diluted in some way.  The Ohio General Assembly is overwhelmingly dominated by Republicans who could repeal the mandates.  Do the chickens have the will to do it?  We will have to see what happens in the fall.

The Pigs:       Yesterday the Senate Finance Committee voted 23-3 to extend the Production Tax Credit for two years.   Senator Portman offered a phase out compromise but withdrew his proposed amendment because he did not have the votes to pass it.  Likewise several other anti-extension amendments were withdrawn for lack of support.   It is incredible that the committee’s Republicans would support throwing $10 billion of taxpayer money at the wind industry when the credit has expired.  The special interests of the wind industry and pork loving Iowans led by Senator Grassley won the day in the committee.  It remains to be seen what will happen on the Senate floor.  In the meantime, the US House of Representatives reminds everyone that they didn’t vote to extend the PTC last year and they have no intention of approving it this year.  Thank heaven for the House.  Senator Portman hopes for acompromise.  Oink, oink….

Ohio’s clean-energy benchmarks are more likely to be reduced than repealed, according to the leaders of a special legislative panel that has been studying the topic.

The Energy Mandates Study Committee held its final meeting on Monday, and its members have until Sept. 30 to deliver recommendations to Ohio House and Senate leaders.

The panel’s work is required by a bill passed last summer that also placed a two-year freeze on state standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The committee’s goal is to study the costs and benefits of the standards and consider making changes before the freeze lifts at the end of 2016.

“I think everything is still on the table,” said Sen. Troy Balderson, R-Zanesville. He leads the committee along with Rep. Kristina Roegner, R-Hudson….

Ohio’s clean-energy mandates likely to be cut as legislative panel ends work | The Columbus Dispatch.