Ohio ‘Say Yes to BigWind’ (OPSB) member jumps ship to work for BigWind

The Ohio Power Siting Board, aka the Say Yes to BigWind Board, has a previous member now working FOR BigWind. No kidding, we can’t make this up! Lorry Wagner, formerly a voting member of the OPSB, is now the CEO of the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp of Cleveland.  Just a reminder, the OPSB has NEVER said NO to a BigWind project.  Smart cookie for following the money….too bad it is OURS (taxpayers)…

Three energy development firms — two of them foreign — have taken an interest in a pilot project to put one of the country’s first offshore wind farms off the coast of Cleveland.

If an agreement is struck, the investment in local wind industry could spread to Ashtabula County — at least that’s the hope of county Commissioner Dan Claypool.

“There are no active offshore wind turbine operations in the U.S.,” he said. “We actually want (the Ashtabula coast) to be the central hub, as far as the industry itself. … We would look to see a commercial development off the coast of Ashtabula.”


Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation of Cleveland, or LEEDCo, calls the Cleveland test project — which is planned for eight to 10 miles off the Cleveland coast — the “Icebreaker,” said CEO Lorry Wagner. Its success depends, in part, on how competitive the utility can become, next to cheaper, non-renewable energy….

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