How many lightning strikes does it take to shut down BigWind?

Apparently, MORE than 17…AND land damage…AND a gearbox failure…AND a broken blade ‘anomaly’. Really? What is the real cost to maintain these machines? Ohioans should be thankful that our legislators INCreased our safe setbacks to prevent harm. Is this really a wise investment  of our HUNDREDS of millions of taxpayer $? I have never heard of such problems with a coal, gas, or nuclear plant, have you!?!…

“We have almost 17 blades that have been struck by lightning since we started,” said Dennis Buda, operations manager at DTE….

The damages from lightning strikes have forced wind park owners to replace blades, which rotate on towers that reach more than 300 feet in height. For DTE, a turbine in Sigel Township required a single blade exchange last month, Buda said.

Damages to land area in Sigel Township have been restored, but the strikes also brought crop damages, Buda said. DTE plans to pay landowners for those damages….

Other issues also have plagued GE-supplied turbines and blades at DTE wind parks.

Last year, a blade in Sigel Township failed because of a manufacturer’s defect due to uneven heating conditions at a production plant in Brazil, Buda said at a March 2013 county meeting. GE manufactured the blades.

A broken carbon fiber blade was found at DTE’s Echo Wind Park in November last year. GE said the cause was a manufacturing anomaly.

Buda said a gearbox failure on a turbine in Sigel Township was discovered during annual inspection in April….

Lightning strikes again: DTE wind turbines damaged by ‘Mother Nature’ | Wind Energy News.